Evolution-S cable w/Ethernet
    EVS-HDMI005E    High Speed /E - 0.5m
    EVS-HDMI01E      High Speed /E - 1m
    EVS-HDMI02E      High Speed /E - 2m
    EVS-HDMI03E      High Speed /E - 3m
    EVS-HDMI05E      High Speed /E - 5m
    EVS-HDMI07E      High Speed /E - 7m
    EVS-HDMI10E      High Speed /E - 10m
    EVS-HDMI12        High Speed - 12m
    EVS-HDMI15        High speed - 15m
    EVS-HDMI18        High Speed - 18m

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    The EVS series of HDMI cables is an upgrade from the standard EVO series, comprising the same overall construction design principles, but with superior silver plated conductors. Silver is the best of all conductive metals, offering the best transmission of the sensitive TMDS bitstream, resulting in truly stunning full digital picture and sound. Each TMDS channel is individually shielded in a overlapped layer of mylar coated foil, with a further dual layer of shielding around the entire 18 core HDMI bunch, comprising both foil wrap and braided TC. Furthermore the all-new connector shell design offers greater cable entry integrity, and superior characteristics to exceed the stringent HDMI certification test requirements. All lengths to 10m are certified High Speed with Ethernet, ensuring uncompromised total HDMI feature set compatibility 

    * High purity silver plated cores reduces digital jitter for improved picture & sound 
    * Triple shield TMDS channels - 2 x mylar foil wrap layers, plus copper braid 
    * Lightweight aluminium shell and premium Pearl PVC cable jacket 
    * Full CEC support for remote control via HDMI with compatible hardware 
    * High Speed 10.2Gbps 1m - 15m 
    * Guaranteed 1080p/24/50/60 compatible to 15m / 49' with 24 bit colour depth and x.v.Color support 
    * ATC certified 
    * Official HDMI Adopter status 
    * Kordz® IMMORTAL lifetime warranty

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