Established in 2003, Kordz recognized a gap in the home cinema market between the mass of low-end cable options and high-end alternatives (well, just high-end price with some of them). Precious few offered genuine performance with appreciable value for money.

The KORDZ® brand of interconnects has quickly grown to a highly reputable level, offering true mid-to-high end performance with a primary focus on what really matters – proven construction methods and an unswerving dedication to quality and provable performance.

The company was founded in 2003 by David Meyer, an ISF and HAA certified professional whose passion for the home cinema industry led to the establishment of Kordz to fill a noticeable void in the market – a real value offering with a true scientific basis. David is a CEDIA Certified Instructor on the topic of HDMI. Truly qualified education is crucial to address high levels of misinformation and self-interested theories prevalent in the industry and media. To this end David’s educational works are aimed to elevate genuine knowledge in the AV industry, especially in relation to matters of HDMI.


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